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Polish Frizzle Chickens

About six months ago, I bought a flock of chicks … standard egg laying chicks that you can get at Tractor Supply Co to raise for home grown eggs. I then discovered the forum, and browsing around the different subforums, discovered the forum for Polish chickens. I fell in love with this breed, especially the frizzled Polish chickens. They are so beautiful and yet, goofy looking that I had to have some. I particularly liked the buff laced Polish frizzles, but have also fallen in love with all of the colors. I have White Crested Black, White Crested Blue, White Crested Cuckoo, Buff Laced and Tolbunt. In the previous post, I show my first shipment from a breeder in California that has gorgeous Bantam Polish chickens. That’s where I got the black, blue and cuckoos from. Another breeder in Maryland has the gorgeous Tolbunt and Buff Laced variety. Here’s some pics of my starter flocks growing up. The first two pics are blue frizzle and the last one is buff laced.

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